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Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Select "Tools" from the main tray, then 'Internet Options'

2. Click on the tab 'Privacy'

3. Choose the level of security of cookies


1. Select "Tools" from the main tray and then "Options"

2. Click on the tab 'Privacy'

3. In the "Cookies" uncheck the "Accept cookies from sites"

Google Chrome

1. Click the wrench icon and select "Settings"

2. Click on the link "Show advanced settings"

3. Click the "Content Settings" under 'Privacy'

4. Change the setting of cookies: 'Block sites from setting any data'

5. Click on 'OK'


1. Select "Settings" in the main tray and select "Preferences"

2. Click on 'Advanced' and select the "Cookies"

3. Click on 'Never accept cookies'

4. Click 'OK'


1. Click the 'Tools' from the main bar and select "Preferences"

2. Click 'Security' 3. Under 'Accept Cookies ", click' Never '

4. Close the window

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